Ultra Deluxe Fashion Rings

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash you might consider selling rings for women. Let’s face it most women love jewelry so if you have some fashionable stock you shouldn’t have a hard time selling the rings you buy. The best way to get rings to sell is to buy wholesale women’s rings. That being said you have to find a good wholesaler to work with or your operation will be shot. To find a reputable wholesaler to buy wholesale women’s rings from use the information below.


Before you buy a lot of rings from a wholesaler you want to make sure that the rings they are selling are of good quality. Wholesale merchandise is often made cheaply so you don’t want to buy too much to start off. Start with a small order so you can see the quality of merchandise for yourself. You can also check out the reputation of the wholesaler online. If you don’t find any negative information it is probably safe to give them a try. Again, start off with a small order so you are not out a ton of money if the quality of the wholesale women’s rings they sell is poor.


If you want a business selling wholesale women’s rings to be lucrative you need to develop a repeat customer base. The only way to get customers back to place multiple orders is to carry an array of different merchandise. You need all kinds of rings. Different styles, stones, metals, and settings. many wholesalers sell mixed lots and buying a lot with mixed merchandise is an excellent way to make multiple sales with each customer. With rings you also want to stock a variety of sizes so they fit on small and large hands. Doing this will help you make the most you can selling rings.


In order to turn a profit selling rings you will need to find a wholesaler that gives you a good value for your money. Rings can be costly to buy in large quantities. Before you make a purchase shop around and see what the going rate for a lot of rings is. One wholesaler may seem more expansive than another but you also have to factor things like shipping into your price comparisons. Some wholesalers offer lower prices if you buy more. Others offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. All of these factors will affect your bottom line.


Finally, when you want to sell anything wholesale you want to make sure the wholesaler has a return policy. Read the wholesalers return policy carefully before you place your order. Generally, a wholesaler will return the money for the merchandise, but not the shipping costs. If the return policy for a wholesaler is too stringent you may end up getting stuck with rings you can’t sell. It is all about doing your homework and knowing what you are getting yourself into before you put out any cash.