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Wholesale Handbags

Princess Purse is a WHOLESALE fashion handbag boutique located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles , California .  We offer a wide variety of high-quality, low-cost items that have been inspired by designers!  Many of our handbags are also considered to be inspired by the popular, very expensive bags carried by today's hottest celebrities! We also carry select original items from various brands! Our customer service is top-notch, and we provide fast shipping with a turnaround time of 1-2 business days.

Princess Purse is one of the hottest sources for stylish wholesale handbags online. For fashion-obsessed shopaholics, buying wholesale handbags is a great way to stretch your shopping budget while still getting your hands on all the latest handbag trends. Princess Purses wholesale handbags are all designer-inspired, featuring the latest hardware, embellishments and shapes for each season. If you love brands then you will love our trendy collection of inspired wholesale handbags . The purses in our wholesale handbag collection are finished with luxe looking gold chains, multiple zippers, intricate stitching and rushing. Princess Purse get to enjoy all the hottest handbag trends at unbelievably low wholesale prices .

By selling our wholesale handbags online instead of in a retail store, we are able to offer our customers incredibly low prices for good quality handbags. Retail stores have high overhead and have to pay for their store space, which means they cannot sell handbags at wholesale prices. Princess Purse does not have a high overhead like retail stores, allowing us to sell our gorgeous wholesale handbags at an extremely affordable price. On top of our already low prices, we also have promotions and sales on our designer inspired wholesale handbags . When stylish shoppers can get their hands on wholesale handbags for under $20, they no longer have to choose just one. Our customers can buy multiple new and stylish wholesale handbags each season, staying on top of the trends without pulling out the plastic.

Stylish Handbags

Princess Purse sells unique, stylish handbags that are inspired by the latest designer purses . Our handbags come in a large array of beautiful styles that mimic looks straight off the runways of New York, Milan and Paris. Unlike the real designer purses , however, our stylish handbags are affordable so every fashion-lover can own them. The Princess Purse line of stylish handbags can be found in all the recent trends: bohemian, ruched, with bows, over sized flaps, tassels, large hardware, ruffles and more. Our stylish designer inspired handbags are made from material that looks and feels just like real leather, but costs less than twenty dollars per bag. At these incredible prices, shopaholics can afford two or three stylish handbags instead of saving up all season to buy only one!

Celebrities tote around over sized designer handbags in chic hobo styles made from super soft, floppy leather. Princess Purse carries the same stylish handbags with eye catching embellishments that will make you the envy of all your friends. All they know is that you always seem to have the latest stylish handbags - they will never guess that you paid a tiny fraction of what the designer bags sell for at department stores and boutiques. Unlike other designer inspired purse sellers, our stylish handbags are beautifully crafted and full of details. Each handbag is carefully designed and constructed for the ultimate in fashionable accessorizing. Though we are located in the Los Angeles fashion district, you can shop our stylish handbags from anywhere in the world at our online store - it's the best of fashion, right at the tip of your finger.

Wholesale Purses From Princess Purse - Don't Miss The Fashion Boat This Time!

Princess purse is the no.1 seller of wholesale purses across North America, Europe and many other countries. We enjoy a very large clientele from the popular cities across the USA and a large volume of wholesale wallets are shipped to our customers each week. This is why our wholesale purses are cheaper than the competition but price is not the only reason for anyone to consider our products.

Fashion Doesn't Have To Be Expensive Anymore

One of the most important aspects of personal and professional success in life, irrespective of people agreeing with it or not, is fashion. If fashion was unimportant, we wouldn't see our presidents, governors and industrialists walking in sharp cloths and carry the best accessories in the market today. Some dismiss fashion saying that it's for celebrities but in reality, fashion is for everyone. Fashion sense is very important to gain the respect you like. However, there is also the fact that fashion is usually very expensive. With our wholesale purses, money can't stop you from being trendy because our wholesale products, including our wholesale evening bags are priced reasonably. We are the No.1 Company in the USA that sells stylish purses and bags to regular customers at wholesale prices. We achieved this success through years of customer service that helped us to move products in large volumes. The highlights of our products are;
  • Design - our products come from sources that pay a lot of attention to fashion trends around the world. You will always get the latest for a fraction of what you would pay for a designer brand.
  • Quality - Our wholesale purses are made with the best materials and excellent craftsmanship and effort is put in the creation of each one. This is why our products offer customers nonparallel quality.
  • It goes without saying that Princess Purse takes pride in catering our customers with the best products possible. We have a large range of products that are trendy yet affordable so that you don't have to settle with one or two purses but buy as many as you like.